Cyndi Tryon is a world-renowned medium and spiritual advisor. For more than 15 years, she has helped people from all walks of life connect with spirit. Gain clarity on personal, professional and spiritual matters. Tap into the wisdom of the Universe for a deeper, more meaningful life experience.

“Cyndi Tyron’s readings are mind-blowing! Our company contracted Cyndi to host a team building event—giving readings to our entire staff. All I can say is WOW…our employees are STILL talking about how she helped guide and enlighten them. I myself still go back and listen to my personal reading with jaw dropped. Her personality is incredibly warm, and her team is responsive and professional. I can’t recommend her enough.”
• Jason Hisley, Owner, CAKE™

“Being with Cyndi is a precious gift. She shares this beautiful and rare expression of down to earth-ness and heavenly-ness. It is like they are not separate and as a result magic happens and insights flow. Connecting with loved ones through Cyndi has been so reassuring and helpful. I am grateful.”
• Luisa Anderson, Bali, Indonesia

Working with Cyndi can shed light on your life’s most pressing questions.


Do you wonder about the people who influence your life, past, present, and future? Deeper knowledge can foster understanding, forgiveness, compassion, hope and love.


We often find ourselves in the throes of confusion about where we go from here. If you find yourself at a crossroad about what your next step should be, Cyndi can help you choose the path to your greatest happiness.


“Change your location, change your life” is a popular phrase, but confusion over a new location can stall even the most determined plans for change. Cyndi can help you to clarify your direction, which will help you to find your ideal home base.


Cyndi’s ability to read the energies of the future can shed light on what is blocking your joy, what you can do to hasten its manifestation, and give hope for the arrival of your heart’s desires.


The best laid plans can stall when we can’t see past our perceived obstacles to the HOW of things. Sometimes, just a clear vision of your desired outcome is all it takes, and the hows take care of themselves. But advice on how to clear mental blocks and negative energy around your goal will make that happen much, much faster, and then your path appears in front of you.

Cyndi Tryon has been helping people worldwide to find their way through this tangled world and their own personal struggles. If you are wondering about something, the help of a gifted medium with a proven track record may be what you need to move your life forward – toward your brightest vision.