In-person Readings
Meet with Cyndi in a quiet, private setting to access your spirit guides and gain insights into your past, present and future. Readings are guided with the use of your chosen cards from Tarot decks. The cards you choose from each deck contain messages that Cyndi will interpret.

Arrange to meet Cyndi in person at one of her scheduled locations for a 30-minute reading. Cyndi is frequently in the Greater Toronto area, Northern Ontario, select U.S. locations and Hong Kong.

In-person: 30 minutes. Click here for pricing and to request an in-person reading.


Want to Book a Group?
Inquire about a full day of private readings for your group. Cyndi can accommodate private readings for groups of 10-12 at the location of your choice (weather permitting and sunny and warm preferred.) Each guest in the group will have a 30-minute private reading over a 5-6 hour space of time.

A quiet and private room must be provided. The host is responsible for the coordination of the guest time/order for the readings and keeping guests on schedule.  Click here to request a group event.

Psychic Wednesdays with Cyndi at HealFlow Wellness Centre Toronto have been extremely popular and sell out months in advance…

Phone Readings
Cyndi has limited availability for phone readings. Once your scheduled time has been confirmed, we will send you a phone number to connect with Cyndi. A landline is recommended to minimize interference. Images will be sent to you of the tarot cards.

Phone readings are 45 minutes. Click here for pricing and to request a phone reading.


How do I prepare for my reading?
Think of the questions you want answered and write them down. This simple exercise helps you to focus your energy; it is not for Cyndi to read. The more positive energy you exhibit, the more your spirits and loved ones can come through during the reading. Come to your reading with an open mind and belief that the spirits have messages just for you. Plan to have time after your reading to relax and contemplate the depth of the messages from the spirit guides.

Note for in-person readings: Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes prior to scheduled appointment time. Late arrivals for the scheduled reading time will result in a reduced length of reading.


What will happen during my reading?
Cyndi will start the reading by asking you to say and spell your complete name to start a clear connection. You will shuffle the tarot cards, then choose from each of the three decks. At the end of your reading you are welcome to ask Cyndi questions if time allows; if she hasn’t already touched on the subject, she will explore a bit further.

Should I ask specific questions during my reading?
You may have a specific question when coming into the reading, it is recommended that you listen to what the spirit guides say throughout the reading – your question may be answered during the reading. 

*Cancellation of appointment accepted 48 hours prior to scheduled appointment only.